How To Market Yourself Better And Beat 90 Per Cent Of Your Competitors To Nail The Job You Want?

It works for me. It should work for you too.

Azleen Abdul Rahim


Did you know that there is a way to stay above the ocean of people whom we see as ‘competitors’ when applying for the job we really want? That’s right. The answer to this challenge is not to stay average. We have to be special; to our own eyes and the people out there especially the hiring squad. The hiring squad I’m referring to is the recruiters or the HR people. They are the ones who will go through all resume submissions, short-listing some and further qualifying the list for the interview session.

After my bond ended with the previous company I was attached to, I was looking for a new career challenge. I knew all along that my real talent lies pretty much in marketing and not so much in entrepreneurship. Despite the success of the recent start-up adventure, I can feel that the entrepreneurship stamina is slowly diminishing. But not the marketer in me; this one is always raring to go. So, I decided that I should go back to the employment world. Since I did a little shout-out on LinkedIn and texted a number of selected friends through WhatsApp, I’ve been on three final-staged interviews and even now there are another two more upcoming ones. Both are final-stage ones. What I am trying to say is that the interview opportunity is still there for me to cover. It is a good sign actually.

You see, it is a war out there. Thousands of people applied for the jobs they want and yet only a fraction is getting a call for a face-to-face interview. The way I look at it, securing a dream job in today’s competitive job market requires more than just submitting our resume and waiting for a response. Through this article, I am going to share with you a number of practical strategies and tactics to help you market yourself effectively, be seen as a special talent in your respective field and continue to stand out from the competition.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the upcoming dream job you’re about to get. Seriously, I mean it.

Part 1: The resume

This is the most difficult part of all. This is where we need to dig really deep into ourselves and…