Marketing Works, You Just Need To Do It Right

Stop complicating it, use this approach instead.

Azleen Abdul Rahim


Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures, and through it all, I’ve discovered some crucial principles that have helped me shape effective marketing strategies for myself and for my customers. I am a terrible salesperson, that’s for sure. I’m not able to put myself in front of someone and start selling my services—no freaking way. I just do not have the stomach for that.

During my early employment days, I began to study marketing deeply and how to actually make people buy instead of selling. It was in 1997 to be exact. I thought of creating a universal principle so that it can be utilised across the board in all industries, small and big. I had zero experience, and there was no mentor whatsoever at that time. I acquire information mostly from reading, observing and conversations. In my mind, once I’m able to get hold of this particular principle or formula, it will help me tremendously in making whatever marketing gig I’m working on, a real success.

Only in 2014, I began to see a series of patterns. I still remember I couldn’t sleep that night, for three days. I quickly took note of these patterns and put everything down in a document. A month later, I found myself having the first version of a marketing strategy formula that works. Fast forward to 2023, I’ve refreshed and further refined the same formula structure into a proven methodology that will work. Of course, reaching this phase doesn’t come easy. I had to endure a lot of failures, challenges and a fair amount of successes too prior to finding myself the proven edition of the formula.

To me, marketing strategy works. In many scenarios, many companies didn’t do it right. They weren’t aware that marketing strategy would only work if their business operations worked. Both are pretty much interdependent with one another. They can have the best marketing strategy but if it is not supported by effective business operations and decisions, everything will crumble. It’s just a house of cards, waiting for a disaster to strike. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if they have the most powerful business model and great operations in hand, but if their marketing strategy sucks, it won’t work either.