Should We Post Every Day On LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, yes.

Azleen Abdul Rahim


I don’t really post every single day. That is because I am slowing my presence down on all social media fronts. As of today, I’ve totally disconnected myself from Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. Thank God I do not have any presence on TikTok. Things are slowing down on WhatsApp too, luckily. The only two social networking platforms I’m finding hard to ditch for now are LinkedIn and Twitter. I guess my businesses are still depending on both although the dependencies aren’t as much as others. For now, yes. I have to somehow maintain that social presence. But in less than 3 years I hope to stay away and keep myself away from any social media platforms.

But if you ask me whether you should post something strategic on LinkedIn daily, the answer is always yes. Realistically, you should. The reason is simple. Your employment or business demands you to be active on LinkedIn, and other platforms too. But if you can come up with a business model or a situation allowing you to live life and make the social media presence an option, then posting daily on LinkedIn is no longer necessary. You can break free from being the real slaves of those social platforms. Until that point, you need to post daily. Period.

But the real question is, how to make our daily posts impactful? Let me share with you the tricks.

Use the quality-quantity dilemma to our advantage

There are two schools of thought here when it comes to the LinkedIn game playbook. One side will come to you and say that you should post daily about what’s on your mind, about your life, selfies here and there during events and coffee meet-ups, memes and so on. It can be once a day or more than once a day. Just post something daily. The other side will say to you to be careful. Do not post random things but make each post count. Keep the thoughts deep and quality. This requires us to do a little digging deep in terms of researching for facts and writing the posts delicately. Then upload the posts not too often but regularly — as in two to three times a week.

In my early LinkedIn days, I played using the first playbook. I post stuff every single day. Weekends too. To me, it seemed like the surefire way to get noticed and grow my…