What Are The Signs Of A Positive Product-Market Fit?

It’s not so much about marketing, it’s all about understanding the difference between needs and nice-to-have.

Azleen Abdul Rahim


I’m a passionate marketing blogger, marketing strategist and entrepreneur. For the past 26 years of working in the marketing industry, I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it comes to the subject of product-market fit. This very niche of marketing has somehow occupied countless conversations, readings, and observations happening out there. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to share about the textbook-based signs here. The signs that I am sharing here about the product-market fit are all based on reality.

Realistically speaking, we can see the sentiments from the customers’ reactions right away after our products or services are out there in the market. It is as simple as that. But yeah, let’s dive into it more deeply one by one.

Customer’s satisfaction, the magnetic pull of it

When we see a product hitting the sweet spot of a positive product-market fit, it’s like seeing a magnetic attraction between the product and its users. Customers are not just satisfied; they are delighted, even excited about what the product brings to their lives. They feel as if their lives are being made easier by it.

The first sign for me is when user feedback is filled with expressions of joy and appreciation. They talk about how the product has become an integral part of their daily routines. It’s not just solving a problem; it’s enhancing their lives in a meaningful way.

For example, when I see user feedback for a service like budget airline, I see things like “I can’t believe how much I love these! They’re so affordable and comfortable. The money is well spent here.” Or, “I use these all the time, for short and medium distance travelling be it for work, vacation or both.” Maybe this too, “This service is definitely a life-changer. I can’t imagine going back to the normal airline service.”

This type of feedback is a clear sign that the service has achieved a positive product-market fit. The service is solving a real problem for users and is doing so in a way that is delightful and enhances…